Christmas Gift Ideas 2019

39 Secret Ways To Buy Great Christmas Gifts They'll Actually Like!

Want to learn a few easy tips to find your perfect christmas gift - for free? Here's your ULTIMATE 2019 Christmas Gift Ideas guide on how to make gift-giving stress free... starting now!

This Christmas Gift Ideas guide has everything you need to get you through this holiday season. Find the hottest gift ideas. The best Christmas recipes and food. The choicest cocktails and inspiring gift ideas. And we've even grouped them by the best Christmas gift ideas for men, best gifts for wife, and the hottest trending presents of the year.

What's covered in this special report:

  • How To Buy Great Christmas Gifts
  • Ways To Make The 'Ordinary' Remarkable!
  • How To Buy Co-Workers Gifts They'll Love
  • Evergreen Gift Ideas for Women
  • Evergreen Gift Ideas for Men
  • Watching TV To Buy Christmas Gifts
  • What To Look For, Where To Buy
  • Make Up For Cash With Creativity
  • Buying Christmas Gifts for Parents
  • Buying Christmas Gifts for Your New Love
  • Buying Christmas Gifts for Siblings
  • 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Teen Boys
  • 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Teen Girls
  • About “Great Christmas Gift Ideas”

Everyone's looking for great Christmas gift ideas.

Every December, you scramble to get Christmas gifts for the special people in your life. You don't want to miss anyone, but your budget restricts your desire to give!

In this report, you will discover 39 little known tips, tricks and secrets that you can use to get (often inexpensive) gifts that mean a lot to people.

While our focus right now is on Christmas, you'll also find gift ideas to help you mark Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other memorable celebrations all around the year.

Whenever you need a creative and fun gift, let this collection be your guide.

And remember: It isn't how much you spend on a gift, it's how you try to make it meaningful, thoughtful and personal... to the person receiving it!


Begin by making a list of the people for whom you want to buy Christmas gifts this year.

Your lists should have 4 columns.

  • The first column has the names of people you want to buy gifts for.
  • The second column has your budget for gifts, and ideas on what to buy.
  • The third column has a list of things you've already bought - and how much you have spent on buying them until now.
  • The last column lists the contents of your "gift box" or other extra gifts.

You can make/modify this list all year round, putting names on it for whom you might want to buy a Christmas gift this year.


Make your purchases all year round on your credit card.

Redeem your points at the end of the year for Christmas gift cards. This can let you send valuable gifts - without spending cash out of your pocket.

But make sure that you pay off your credit card balance every month so that no interest accumulates.

Also, get your family members or friends listed as users on your supermarket cards. Whenever they are buying stuff, they can give you cash and use your card to complete their purchases.

The bigger your 'card spend', the more perks you'll get as rewards.


What is a "Gift Box"?

You can keep a box (not very large, a carton will do nicely) somewhere handy, and whenever you buy a gift for Christmas, or a birthday, or pick up any other general gift at a sale or special event, put it in the box for storage.

The gift box is a great idea for surprise events, when you've forgotten to go gift shopping and suddenly remember you don't have a Christmas gift. You can also use it to benefit from off-season discounts on great gift items.

It will save you endless hours of Christmas gift shopping during rush hours, or scrambling to pick up a present at the last moment.


The best time to start planning gifts for next Christmas is - surprise, surprise - RIGHT AFTER this Christmas is over!

There are often many sales with 50% off on gift baskets (when stores hurry to get unsold inventory off their shelves). You can pick them up, and split up individual items to give as gifts all year-round.

Other nice Christmas gift ideas you'll be able to get for a throwaway price are Christmas wrapping paper, labels and bags. All that's needed to make Christmas gift bags ready to use next year is to stick a new label on them!

So, when most others are resting from the hustle of their previous gift giving, you'll be out there planning for the relaxed fun of next year!


Watch and make a lists of your friends and family members' favorite stuff. You know the kind of thing - their favorite brand or type of coffee or tea, favorite bath salts or soap, or favorite chocolate and wine. These can become great Christmas gift ideas.

Even if it is inexpensive, if a gift is their favorite then your Christmas gift will be GREATLY cherished - and definitely used.

Knowing what your people enjoy or like also allows you to give them a choice by offering gift cards for Christmas. While a gift card to may not excite a sports or travel fan, it will absolutely delight a book lover.

A hobbyist will be happy to get an annual subscription to their favorite magazine, and a photographer will appreciate you more for a gift of a roll of their favorite printing paper or a membership to an online photo editing tool.


Women love to receive gift cards to their favorite pampering places. These cards give them flexibility and freedom to splurge without worrying about exceeding an often rigid family budget. That is an easy way to get pampered without any guilt - which makes it a simple and fantastic Christmas gift idea.

An elderly person will very likely appreciate grocery or gas cards. Young men and women who are often cash strapped would would love to receive a gas card. A full tank means they can travel more freely.

A crafts enthusiast will be delighted by a gift card to a local craft store. Folks who like to doll up in nice jewelry will be thrilled to bits if you give them a Christmas gift card that lets them buy free jewelry.

The key is to tailor your Christmas gift ideas to the person's hobbies and likes.


Always make a mental or written note whenever you hear someone say what hobbies they enjoy, or what things they would like to buy, have or own.

You can add it to the list of Christmas gift ideas you've started making, with a short explanatory note in case the remark gave you an idea for a gift to buy for them.

Giving a Christmas gift that reflects a casual remark people made some time ago shows them that you've been listening - and that you care.

When it comes to picking the perfect Christmas present, it is more often a question of matching the right thought to the right person... and that takes time.


If time is exactly what you don't have now, then stick to staples: a luxurious version of a notebook, scarf or set of headphones elevates the ordinary into an everyday pleasure — and you can be pretty sure they will be used.

Wrapping up your gift beautifully will also make the most pragmatic of presents a pleasure to receive.

If you give someone a gift card, don't just hand it to them. Put it in a nice little gift basket, or in a box wrapped with bright paper, with a ribbon tied around it. Write a nice message or a cute limerick that's related to the gift you're giving.

Little things like this matter - and make a big difference in the way others look at your gift!


While we often focus on choosing objects that are either beautiful or useful, sometimes it really is the small presents that excite recepients the most.

Customizing your Christmas gift ideas also adds a special touch — like a monogrammed diary that offers the recipient a daily chance to feel very smart indeed.

Another way of personalizing a present could be by arranging photographs from past holidays into an old-fashioned notebook, or even compiling some iTunes or Spotify playlists for someone who is too busy to do it for himself.


For Christmas gifts in a class of their own, why not help someone to learn a new skill - by giving them some lessons?

What kind of lessons?

  • Sewing lessons
  • Dance classes
  • Cookery school
  • Learning flower arrangements
  • Driving classes
  • Language lessons

Any of these can be a lifetime experience for someone you love.

And then, there are coaching programs for learning to walk in high heels or pilot a small airplane, to taste and appreciate good wine or paint handcrafts in delightful technicolor.

Of course, you could also gift a holiday trip - a cruise, a ride, a day at a theme park or a visit to a movie studio... each of these Christmas gift ideas could be a memorable experience that will last long and leave cheerful remembrances.


We all like showing appreciation for our coworkers at the end of the year. And the best chance to do this is through giving them a meaningful gift for Christmas.

But it can be a frustrating, nerve-racking chore to try and pick the perfect gift... unless you know these simple tricks to find out exactly what they want!


No, don't do it too blatantly or obviously, or they may get offended.

All you have to do is be 'politely sneaky'! Ask if they already own a certain item. Or ask them questions about how they spend their spare time and weekends.

Be curious and inquisitive in an apparently general way - while staying focused on their replies, and seeing what gets them most excited and enthused about.

  • A fisherman can't help bragging about the huge trout he caught on his last vacation.
  • An avid golfer gets animated while talking about the way he sank that birdie.
  • A music fan goes ga-ga while describing his favorite artist's latest hit single.

You can go a step further and run a short contest or offer to host a 'holiday office swap', and then get each person to write down 3 items they would love to receive as a gift.


You don't have to limit your research to your co-workers alone - but can go further and try and get the information from other people in his or her life!

Contact their spouse or significant other. This way, you'll make sure your gift will also be something that they like.

Spouses will be able to give you information on your co-workers' hobbies or collections or interests - and that you knew nothing about.

You can also ask mutual friends who know your co-worker on a personal level - drinking buddies, car pool colleagues, club members and so on.


If all else fails and you simply cannot find what a specific co-worker likes or enjoys more than everything else, then take the easy way out -

Go generic.

Pick Christmas gift ideas that most people would like.

Some suggestions are

  • movie passes
  • gift certificates
  • scented candles

These are things that almost always come in handy and make good gifts for men or women.

Food is another good generic gift. One more way to tap into the universal enjoyment of food is to give a gift certificate for two to a popular restaurant, or one to a local lunch spot close to work.

A gift basket with some common favorites, like chocolates, fruit, cheese and crackers is another good generic Christmas gift.


Everyone loves a good laugh. So, a humorous gift (but one that is appropriate for your work-place) is a good idea for a Christmas present.

Try a crazy mug or t-shirt that fits the personality of your co-worker. These types of gifts are fairly inexpensive and easy to find. We could all use a good coffee mug for the office or a cool t-shirt for the weekends.

Paper-weights with cartoon quips, photo frames with zany quotes or colorful balloons to lighten up the cubicle also work with some people.


What do women want?

Rarely (if ever) does a man know the answer to that! And this is why so many men suffer agonies every Christmas - about what gift to choose.

Whether it's for your mom, wife or girlfriend, here are some Christmas gift ideas that are very likely to be winners:

  • Perfume and fragrances. Just be sure to pick something she'll like, perhaps already uses, and is not allergic to
  • Books. Especially if she likes to read, and you have a fair idea of the kind of things she enjoys
  • Jewelry. What does she wear, like to wear, and doesn't already have oodles to choose from?
  • Lingerie. Victoria's Secret catalogs are viewed by more men than women - and there's sure to be something there she'll like!


Believe it or not, polls show it's harder to find gifts men like than ones women like!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Quirky yet practical gadgets, gizmos, computers
  • Tool sets and electronics are generally at the top of any man's gift list
  • CD/DVD box sets (music, movies, TV shows)
  • Clothing and accessories - Clothing, watches, bags, underwear or hats.
  • Wine - Is he into big hearty red's, refreshing whites or does he just like everything?
  • Fragrance and skin care - Buy him his favorite after-shave and treat him to soothing skincare. It's all about pampering and giving him something he might never buy himself.


Or Bing.

Or any other Internet search service you trust.

Do a search for the "Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas (YEAR) "to see what results Google pulls up. For example, go to and type in "Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas 2019" and look at the results.

Here are some of the brilliant resources for Christmas Gift Ideas 2019:

These sites will tell you what is hot this year.

You cannot go wrong with buying the gifts that people want now!

But don't rush to buy after glancing at just one page.

Look at many of the collections. See which gift ideas keep repeating frequently. Then, match them against the interests and tastes of the person you are buying gifts for.

(Or you can quickly browse our handpicked selection of the TOP 20 Christmas Gift Ideas at the top and bottom of this page!)

Once you've chosen the ideal gift, don't rush to order - because you'll save a lot of money, hassle and time by looking for ideal shopping sites to buy them from, and get things like gift wrapping and shipping included in the deal.


You can try going out to the local toy store or a supermarket like Wal-Mart and look around at the different things available for Christmas.

Always ask the employees what the hottest selling and coolest gifts are for this holiday season.

Not all employees are helpful, but usually you get some great suggestions at the toy store.

Remember, employees always know what the 'in things' are that year. They can tell you what to get and what not to buy.

A short hour spent doing the rounds can save you many more trying to come up with a great Christmas gift – and you may still end up getting it wrong!


Fox News seems to get it right!

Somehow, they are often in touch with the newest fads and latest trends, more so when it comes to the holiday season.

Look at news articles and what the Associated Press is writing about. They always write about the hottest gifts and trends of the season.

By watching with an open mind, you can get great ideas of what to give as Christmas gifts this year.


Around the holiday season, most retail websites will feature lists of their top 10 suggested Christmas gift ideas. This will let you find some interesting ideas relevant to specific topics or niches.

For general best-seller lists, visit top retail websites like, and Best Buy.

Just about every niche online has authority websites, and most of them will feature lists of top selling Christmas gifts, saving you hours of wasted time browsing all over the Web - or worse, pushing your way through crowded stores trying to find what to buy.

These website owners avidly browse the Web to compile these lists, and you can quickly and easily take advantage of all their work!

Another benefit to doing this is that, once you find something you like, you can order it right there - and have the gift shipped to the recepient automatically.


If you're looking for 'quick, easy and cheap', then I suggest you head on over to - especially on Black Friday when you get some fantastic Black Friday deals and special Black Friday sales offers.

The online retail giant has a treasure trove of gift ideas on just about anything you are interested in. You can check out their top selling Christmas gift ideas and read their reviews to get a great idea on what people want this year.

In many cases, has the best prices as well, and you can get great Black Friday deals on many items.

And if you prefer it, you can make your choices about gifts from these online catalogs - but then actually shop in your neighborhood mall.


Whenever cash is tight, you may not be able to spend more to buy Christmas gifts. But what you lack in cash, you can make up in creativity.

Buy kids a video game. New video games cost around $50, but the amount of time they spend in playing them makes it a much cheaper idea than going out to the movies or out to eat a few times.

Buy gift cards to Barnes and Noble or your local restaurant, or locations where your family likes to shop. An or Barnes and Noble card is great because you can encourage your children to read more books and spend less time on the computer.

Cheap movies are always a great gift idea. But if you buy a cheap movie, pick an older one, as newer $5 movies tend to be bad movies that did not do well at the box office.


Some personalized gifts, done tastefully, can knock the socks off the people who get them - without breaking your bank!

Here's an idea.

Buy 10 scarves (if you buy on the day after Thanksgiving, you can get in on some nice Black Friday deals as well!).

Look up some recipes for nice desserts, simple yet tasty ones like peanut butter bullets (where you take extra chunky peanut butter, refrigerate it so you can roll it into balls and then dip the balls in chocolate syrup).

Wrap up your desserts in cellophane bags, tie them at the top with a pretty Christmas ribbon, and on the ribbon put a home made gift tag with the person's initials on it to show that it is their bag of treats.

Wind one of the scarves you bought around the treat bag, put it into a pretty Christmas gift bag, and it makes for the perfect gift for all ages and all genders... and is extremely cheap!


What if you're not keen on making presents, but have a strict limit of no more than 10 dollars or so for each Christmas gift you want to give. There are still many things you can do to fit your budget limit approach.

Things you can usually get for this are:

  • CDs, DVDs and video games at good prices from Amazon, Asda etc (that you know people will like)
  • Nice bottle of wine and maybe a small but nice chocolate bar to go with
  • 3 for 2 gifts including nice boxes of chocolate
  • Make up mirrors (always useful to have another one)
  • Really nice lip gloss or make up item as a treat for female friends/relatives (especially if it's something they wouldn't buy for themselves)
  • Gift vouchers like cinema passes, theatre tickets, or for specific shops. Get colored envelopes, tie ribbon around them, and they'll look interesting!
  • Photos of you/your family in a nice frame
  • Books - Asda, Tesco, Amazon all good on prices
  • Slippers or nice soft socks
  • Hat and glove sets
  • Nice tea/coffee/hot chocolate selections


Making Christmas gifts isn't only for children who do not yet have their own money to buy gifts. With some ingenuity, clever shopping and free time, you can make your own Christmas gifts.

  • Knit caps. If you have time to pick up crocheting or knitting, Christmas is a perfect time of year to put that talent to good use.
  • Pick up some shadow box frames at the art store, and make some personal home decorations.
  • Jewelry is a great personal do it yourself Christmas gift idea. There are all different skill levels for creating your own jewelry.
  • Ornaments are a great way to celebrate the Christmas season. There are so many different ways to create your own unique ornaments.


Christmas shopping can be tough when you are first starting out on your own, but it is especially tough sometimes to figure out what to buy for your parents.

Here are some tips and Black Friday deals that will help you.

  • Stay in your price range and get them something they can use, and they will love it no matter what.
  • Do not worry too much about how much you spend on your parents. They will care more about the thought that you have put into their gift than the amount of money that you spent on it.
  • Watches? Ties? Flowers? A new Vacuum? Stay away from anything generic like that. It doesn't show a lot of thought put into it.
  • Opt instead for something simple but thoughtful. It may not be expensive, but it shows that you care.

What is appropriate for you to purchase for the people that raised you? One good way to figure this out is to spend some time with your folks on a casual basis.

More importantly, it is a good way of figuring what kinds of things they are interested in but would not invest in themselves.


Christmas is a magical time of year, especially if you're in love. If you are in a new relationship, however, picking a Christmas present can be a bit unnerving.

What do you get for your new love? How much should you spend? How personal should your gift be?

  • If you have just started a new relationship, buy a small but meaningful Christmas gift for your significant other. Something they'll appreciate.
  • The more personal and thoughtful the better, and price should not really be a consideration with this kind of gift.
  • No matter how long you have been together, do not dwell on the price.
  • Do not worry too much about what you think social expectations are in terms of Christmas shopping. Do what feels right to you.
  • If you are still not sure, try something that initiates 'together time' or an outing/activity. Yes, it's a pretty good and a little bit unusual gift item, like a Christmas matinee to see that new movie or play.


When buying Christmas gifts for your brothers and sisters (or cousins), they will very likely understand that really it is the thought that counts.

  • For a brother or sister, a great way to go for Christmas shopping is to take them out for lunch or to a movie. They will love getting out and spending some time with you, since you probably do not get to see one another as much as when you were younger.
  • If they have kids, you can get them gift certificates to a nice restaurant or show - and offer to baby sit while they go with their significant other.
  • Buy them a book that you enjoyed, or a DVD that you think they might like. It's a way to keep in touch as you grow older.

Just because you are growing up does not mean that you have to grow apart.


1.Scented candles, incense, and scented oils


3. Chocolate

4. Sleepwear

5. Plants or flowers

6. Music

7. Bath oil

8. Yoga or gym memberships

9. Quilts

10. Herbal tea and flavored coffee


On the surface, teenage boys seem like they would be easy to shop for at Christmas time.

But no!

Here are some helpful Christmas gift ideas.

1. Team Jersey - Buy him a jersey from his team. To make this gift even better, find a jersey with the number of his favorite player.

2. Jewelry - Yes, many guys are into some form of jewelry. Tribal or beaded necklaces, stud or hoop earrings, fashionable rings or bracelets, or maybe a watch.

3. Best buy gift certificate - To buy their gadgets and entertainment equipment.

4. Jeans - Just make sure you buy the style he likes.

5. Snowboard - Or something else that gives him the thrill of conquering a new challenge.

6. Portable music player - What teenage boy doesn't love his music?

7. Paintball gun - Some natural instinct in teenage boys drives them to want to hunt each other down!

8. Video game magazine subscription - If he has a game system, such as X-Box, PlayStation, or Nintendo, purchase a subscription to the corresponding game system magazine. These magazines provide great information and screen shots about upcoming games, ratings of current games, and demo discs. With demo discs, he can play portions of games before they ever come out, which helps him decide what games he really likes.

9. Car accessories - If he's old enough to drive and has his own car, buying car accessories is a sure win.

10. Black light lamp - Or whatever is the current trend among teenage boys. Finding that out is your home-work!


Don't let the thought of buying a Christmas gift for a teenage girl intimidate you!

Use these ideas:

1. Earrings - Stud earrings are often the best choice, as they can be used to accessorize any wardrobe, no matter the style.

2. Digital camera - Girls love to create, and capture, fun memories.

3. Scrap booking accessories - Don't forget to buy stickers and some of the scissors that cut fun and interesting designs. A teenage girl can spend hours going through her favorite photos and creating her own memory book.

4. Scented candles - Find one that will match her decor.

5. Bubble baths and bath soaps - Help her feel like the princess she always knew she was.

6. Magazine subscription - No matter her style or taste, a magazine to suit her is out there.

7. Fleece blanket - To snuggle up on cold winter nights.

8. Perfume - Find one that is right for her.

9. Posters - Select a poster to match her taste and style.

10. Locket - Start a new tradition with a locket. Place a picture of you and her inside, and ask her to pass the locket down to her daughter.


Sometimes, the holiday season brings out a latent sense of wanting to reach out and help others less fortunate than ourselves.

And giving to charity on behalf of your special someone can be a gift that gives - and creates impact.

Not only will your donation impact the lives of those who benefit from your contribution, the person on whose behalf you make the donation will be deeply touched by your gesture - and just might end up becoming a continuing supporter of the charity.

Some tips:

  • Try and pick a charity that aligns with the interests or passions of the person.
  • Do your due diligence to make sure you are not getting scammed.
  • If the charity sends receipts or letters of thanks, arrange for it to be sent to the person you are gifting to.


Around Christmas, you're sure to face a long wait at your local post office. Here's some Christmas gift ideas on how to minimize your aggravation.

  • Buy your Christmas gifts from stores that will wrap and ship them for you.
  • Shop online using the Internet, or from catalogs. And have all the items sent directly to the recipients.
  • Take your wrapped presents to a store, and have them pack and send them for you.
  • Use a shipping service, either air or ground. Get them to pick up your gifts at your home or office.
  • Shop and mail your Christmas gifts early, even before Thanksgiving. Of course, this isn't the same as getting a gift on the special day - but then, it beats never getting one at all!
  • Try and time your post office visits for non-peak hours. Avoid week-ends, lunch breaks (when office workers crowd in to try and mail their gifts) and closing time.
  • Go to and use the Click and Ship service to print your own prepaid shipping labels. Then schedule a pickup (for free).
  • If your local post office has an automated postal center, use it. Go in off-hours. Most domestic mailings can be done through this machine.
  • Make sure the items are mailable. Different countries have different rules. Some items are unmailable, and won't be accepted.
  • Pack your items well, especially if your gift is very fragile.
  • Find out what custom forms you will need for international packages and have them filled out ahead of time.
  • Get your Christmas stamps early. They are often on sale by the end of October.
  • Explore your post office website. It often has a wealth of information to help you with your mailing needs.
  • Don't wrap your boxes with brown paper, it tends to get torn off.
  • If you're wrapping gifts, make sure you write the address on the box itself, in case the wrapper gets torn.
  • Don't tie string around your boxes. It gets caught in the mail processing machinery.


Good food and festive gifts that delight family and friends... these are things we love about Christmas and other special days.

Why let stress about finding great Christmas gift ideas mess with all this fun?

Armed with the knowledge in this Christmas gift ideas guide, you will be able to face every holiday season with calm, avoid stress and enjoy the process of picking Christmas gifts that will delight and thrill the special people in your life.

And if you found this report helpful, maybe you could gift a copy of it to a friend too!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.



Christmas Gift Ideas


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