Air Sofa

Make roughing out a bit more comfy! Air sofa banana shaped loungers are all the rage this holiday season. Ideal for all types of outdoor recreation, from pool parties to music events or a picnic in the park. Take it along for a camping trip and relax in comfort.

Quick and easy to inflate and deflate. Rolls up nicely for storage in a convenient drawstring carry bag. Can be used both on land and water.

With the inflatable lounger air sofa, outdoors people can now enjoy activities in comfort - anywhere. lovers of outdoor activities to relax comfortably anywhere. Be the envy of your friends as you rest in near-luxury on an air sofa by the pool.

Ultralight design
Easy to pack and carry
No electronic air pump necessary
Made of waterproof polyester
Multiple storage compartments

Comes with a portable carry bag with many storage compartments, and a stake for securing it outdoors. It even has a convenient bottle opener attached. Sturdy and strong, the air sofa comes with a lifetime warranty against faults in manufacturing.

Versatile: Includes an air sofa, carry bag (with storage compartments), a stake, and bottle opener. Can be used at barbeques, poolside parties, on the beach, hikes, concerts and camping trips.
Comfortable: Easily inflates in a few seconds without needing an electronic air pump. Adjust the inflation to suit your desired level of air sofa softness.
Durable: The manufacturer is so confident about this air sofa that they offer a lifetime warranty.
Water Resistant: The air sofa floats on water and is provided with multi-layer support. It is light weight, buoyant and suitable for use on land and water.

  • Thomas Martin - Sep 19, 2017 at 11:20 am

    "This is totally great! I already used the air sofa in my backyard to supervise my dog playing in the pool. Good quality, seems nicer than other similar items. Highly recommended."

  • Leah Nadler - Sep 26, 2017 at 8:49 pm

    "Great product! The air sofa filled up easily and was comfy. It worked out perfectly for the festival we went to this weekend, was light enough to carry around and easy to pack up afterwards!"

  • Scott F. - Oct 24, 2017 at 9:15 am

    "It was really easy to inflate, and it held the air in for a long time. Very easy to take down as well, and simple to travel with."

1. Is this durable enough for pavements and sandy campgrounds?

Yes. The air sofa is tough enough to be placed on pavements or sandy ground. Sharp projections might puncture the bag, but reasonably smooth surfaces are fine.

2. Are air sofas waterproof?

Yes. The liner is water resistant and the lounger itself can be safely used in wet surroundings. It even floats on the water!

3. Can you sit on it like a couch?

Yes, definitely. Two kids or one adult can comfortably sit on the lounger air sofa.

4. How much weight can it hold?

The air sofa has a recommended weight limit of 300 lbs, though some users have claimed that it holds even higher weights.

5. How long will the air sofa remain inflated?

It deflates only very slowly and is comfortable to lie in for at least thirty minutes, often longer.