Arduino Starter Kit

Get started painlessly with Arduino programming! Simple, clear and step by step guide to start Arduino programming for beginners. No more difficult soldering. Get this high quality kite with uno R3 that's 100% compatible with Arduino Uno R3.

A great way for curious and eager beginners to learn Arduino programming.

The Arduino Starter Kit offers top quality at affordable prices. Produced by a professional manufacturer who is obsessed about design, development and marketing Arduino, this starter kit is an ideal tool for enthusiasts eager to learn Arduino programming.

Easy to learn
Suitable for Arduino enthusiasts
32 Arduino projects with tutorials
Start from basics, grow to complex Arduino projects
Unique from other Arduino Starter Kits
Includes functional modules like RFID and humidity
Has connection diagrams and code for each

Easy To Understand: Detailed PDF tutorials include over 22 lessons and extensive instructions on the different modules in the Arduino Starter Kit.
Economical: The affordable price is a welcome change from other brands and packages that are more expensive while offering less.
Modular: With dozens of modules that are compatible with Arduino Uno 3. No soldering necessary (LCD 1602 module comes with pin header)
Quality: High quality is ensured by this professional manufacturer who is concerned with designing, developing and exporting Arduino Starter Kits.
Guaranteed: No more worrying about performance. The components are guaranteed to work. A no-questions money back refund policy keeps your purchase risk free.

  • Biker Budon - Aug 25, 2016 at 09:25 am

    "This isn't some little makeshift kit. The Arduino Starter Kit comes with everything you could need to get you started with learning Arduino. Good/excellent quality. I've learned so much in the few days. "

  • C. Wadeon - Jul 23, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    "Great Arduino Starter Kit for prototyping and learning. Got one to play with Arduino and so far it's been an absolute blast."

  • Frank Pellicano Jr. - Mar 15, 2017 at 11:45 am

    "Great bang-for-your-buck purchase. The Arduino Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started and more. Definitely recommend this kit for hobbyists and beginners."

1. What kind of charger do you need?

The Arduino Starter Kit comes with a 9 volt battery power supply, and a USB connection to hook up to a computer

2. Can a 10 year old learn about robots with this kit?

Yes. The Arduino Starter Kit serves as a good lab pack for students to the learn basics of Arduino. It also teaches electronics, motor control, and fundamental concepts of programming. Tutorials are thorough and explain things in a way even youngsters can understand. It's unbelievable value for the money.

3. If you buy this, do you need an Arduino also?

No. This Arduino Starter Kit has a clone of Arduino Uno and you don't have to purchase it separately. The starter kit runs Arduino exactly the same except that you need to download a different driver online.

4. What projects can you do using this Arduino Starter Kit?

You can do almost all the projects found at the Arduino tutorial site. This Arduino Starter Kit is particularly good to gain experience in controlling motors and to measure temperature and display results.

5. Does the PDF included with the kit show you how to build projects?

Yes. There are 24 chapters spanning 119 pages of very detailed instructions with lots of pictures and diagrams. Multiple languages are supported like Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and English.