Anti Snoring

Ah, quiet, restful nights once again! Stop snoring. Beat apnea. Sleep restfully. Ingenious anti snoring device controls snoring without affecting your regular sleep cycle. You'll no longer disturb your partner, or suffer through nightmares, or wake up feeling tired and lethargic.

No more droppings and sore throats. This innovative anti snoring solution keeps your tongue resting in the normal position and opens up your nasal cavity for easy breathing even in deep sleep. Effectively eliminates mild to moderate snoring.

Avoids soft turbinate dropping, thereby keeps your tongue in the normal resting position and opens up your airways to prevent obstruction. The simple, inexpensive and safe way to correct mild to moderate snoring.

Just fit the anti snoring device gently into your nostrils to hold them apart. Your breathing is instantly easier and you'll enjoy a quieter night and deeper, more restful sleep.

Made out of silicone
Fits gently and comfortably
No surgery
No masks
Simple to use
Ships with protective case
High quality

The anti snoring device ships in a case which you can use to carry it along on travel. Before any elaborate therapy including surgery, give this anti snoring device a try.

Scientific Design: The anti snoring device has been scientifically designed in order to increase the airflow allowed through your nostrils and minimize obstruction. This helps stop snoring completely.
Comfortable: Small, sleek and smooth, the anti snoring device ives you a warm, comfortable feeling and you won't be disturbed by wearing it. Also, it's practically invisible from outside.
Top Quality: High medical grade silicone materials are used to craft the anti snoring device, making it safe, non-allergic and with few side effects.
Restores Normal: Your tongue is restored to the normal resting position even in deep sleep which takes away the structural requirement for snoring. You and your bed partner will enjoy a quiet, restful sleep at night.
Easy and Convenient: No fancy tricks or application procedures to master. Just slip the anti snoring device into your nostrils within a few seconds - and go straight to sleep.
Durable: Being made of silicone rubber this anti snoring device is sturdy and long lasting. You won't need to keep replacing it frequently.

  • Steven P. Sanderson - on Apr 13, 2017 at 9:45 am

    "This anti snoring device is so helpful for me. I can actually breathe at night. At first, they were a little uncomfortable and the first night I actually woke up and took them out, but now I just put them in before I go to sleep and off I go. They are easy to clean and I like the little container that they come in."

  • Eddie W - Apr 5, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    "Incredible! Gave these little guys a shot. Well, amazingly enough, I've been able to put my $500 CPAP in the closet! No need for it anymore. Sleeping through the night. Wake up with no stuffiness whatsoever. They take literally no time to get used to (at least for me). The silicon they're made of is extremely soft. I am one happy camper."

  • Daniell - Oct 25, 2017 at 11:30 am

    "I've used nasal breath strips which also helped me breathe through my nose while I sleep. But these work better for me in holding my nasal passages open all night. You just insert them into your nose and they prop them open. They were comfortable and come in two sizes to fit better."

1. What materials are this anti snoring device made of?

The box says medical grade silicone. The anti snoring vents feel soft and like silicone. They aren't made of PVC or polyurethane like some cheaper alternatives.

2. How are they effective as anti snoring aids?

They open up the nasal passages and let you breathe easier. This prevents snoring and ensures deep sleep. They work better than nasal strips for this purpose.

3. Can the anti snoring cups be reused?

Yes. They can be washed and reused over and over. The material is high quality silicone and quite durable.

4. How does the anti snoring device feel in your nose?

Made of soft and enhanced medical grade silicone, it feels comfortable and fits snugly within the nostrils. In the beginning, some users take time to get used to it. But quickly it becomes familiar and won't disturb your sleep at all.

5. How far inside the nostrils should the anti snoring device go?

It can only go up to a point because there's a center connector which limits how far it moves. During sleep, it may come out a little but by and large, it'll stay at the right level through the night.

6. How long do they last?

The anti snoring device is made of durable silione and when handled carefully should last for months, even years. After use, rinse the device gently in warm water and dry it. Storing them in the protective case ensures longevity.

7. How to clean the anti snoring cups?

Just use warm water and some regular soap to remove any dried up mucus. Then dry it in air before storing in the case.

8. What to do if the anti snoring device keeps falling out?

Ensure the size is right. Even if you can't get a perfect fit, if your anti snoring device is too big or small, it is more likely to fall out. Don't remove or cut the central connector because it acts as a guard against inserting the cups too deep into your nostrils.