Grill Mat

Put the fun back into BBQ cooking! This Teflon BBQ grill mat makes grilling easy. Prevents food falling through cracks. Safe, non-stick and non-toxic grill mats make it convenient to cook and clean.

These grill mats are resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. It's easy to clean oil stains from the mat. Great for bacon, fish, vegetables and kebabs.

Grill mats can be used for indirect cooking on charcoal, electrical or gas grills and BBQs. You can place the grill mats directly on the surface of the grill and cook the food by placing it on the mat. Low to medium heat settings are best. Be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions before use.

100% non stick
Reusable a few times
Corrosion resistant
Non-toxic and safe
Resists high temperature upto 380 Celsius
Can be cleaned in dishwasher

Don't place the grill mat directly over an open flame. Sharp utensils or objects can scrape the grill mat and damage it. Cleaning after use is simple. Wash the grill mat in soapy water and dry it. They are dishwasher safe.

Performance: Grill mats improve your BBQ experience. They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Don't waste time on cleaning - instead, spend it with your friends.
Top Quality: These grill mats are manufactured with only the best quality materials (fiberglass body with PTFE coating). Non-stick surface enhances taste and keeps you healthier.
Safety: The grill mat is certified by the FDA/LFGB as being free of any toxins or unhealthy materials. It is rated non-toxic and healthy.
Heat Resistant: Can be used safely between minus 70 and plus 260 degrees Celsuis. This means your grill mats can be used in microwaves, ovens and barbecues.
Compatible: These grill mats can be used with any type of barbecue. The mats can be cut in order to fit the size of your barbecue grid.

  • Jonny Evanson - June 8, 2017 at 11:14 pm

    "I'm going to use the grill mats on the grill, but I also think they'll be great to use in the oven under pies or things that sometimes drip. It will save on clean up. For my first try I decided to keep it simple and grill a hamburger patty, which cooked up like a charm. Thanks for the quality product. Will order again."

  • Melissa - July 1, 2017 at 6:15 pm

    "I took this set of 5 Grill Mats and they are very good solution to have when we make barbecue ! These grill mats are simple to use. Just put on the barbecue and start to cook. Grill mats are reusable, and it's easy to clean them after use. A pack of 5 I think is best solution."

  • Lou - Oct 22, 2017 at 11:25 am

    "The grill mats perform as advertised. Easy to use, and clean, as long as you’re attentive. Happy with my purchase. Whenever I wear’em out, I will order more of these."

1. Is it hard to clean grill mats after using BBQ sauce?

No. You just soak it in warm water for 5 minutes and use your preferred cleaning fluid to soap off any oily stuff. As long as you don't expose your grill mat to direct flame, it should be quite easy to clean after use.

2. How thick are the grill mats?

They feel like 0.1 cm thick, even though the technical specs say it could be twice as thick. They are surprisingly resistant to heat, and are safe to use for cooking. The grill mats do not melt and can be quickly, easily cleaned later.

3. How hot can the grill be?

PTFE is like teflon. The grill mats don't melt when held over a charcoal grill. You must keep the grill mat 7 inches away from any flame and the temperature should be under 500. A side benefit is that the food cooks in its own juice because of the mat.

4. Is the grill mat completely non-toxic?

Yes. They have been certified by several authorities like the FDA as being safe for cooking.

5. Are grill mats slick like teflon?

Yes. You even get grill marks! And they are surprisingly durable. Many buyers have used grill mats for 6 months before the edges frayed.

6. Which side of the grill mat should you use?

Either side can be used. They're both the same.

7. Can grill mats be cut?

Yes. They are easy to cut to a suitable size to match your grill.

8. Does food slide around on the grill?

No. Things stay on place where you put them on the grill mat. Whenever you want to move them, you can use tongs to lift and move.