Women's Winter Jacket

A Women's Winter Jacket is a way to let her express emotion or solidarity with other people through clothes. Available in a range of attractive colors and aesthetic styles, women's winter jackets are a fantastic Christmas gift idea for ladies of every age.

The Mighty Lite winter jackets for women are tested tough in the Pacific Northwest - so that you get only the best crafted winter clothing that will keep you warm and toasty through the long, cold winter days and nights.

Columbia Winter Jackets for women are light-hooded insulated coats designed to keep you warm in the harshest weather conditions. These winter jackets are suitable for both local mountains or regular city sidewalk.

Crafted from cotton, they are breathable and soft to wear. The design is intended to preserve body heat, which makes it warmer for the thickening.

Winter jackets and coats can be fitted and tailored to your body and form. It's quick and easy to collect the waist in a way that can highlight your perfect figure.

Warmer Reflects body heat so that little escapes out of your winter jacket, keeping you warmer and more comfortable.
Wears well Highly breathable and lightweight, so you'll feel easy wearing it while going outdoors or even doing some casual activity like a brisk walk to the store or around the neighborhood.
Composite Reduces need for bulky layers by providing enough warmth to keep you from feeling cold.
Comfortable Wicks moisture to keep you dry and comfy inside.

  • F. L. Petteton - Feb 20, 2015 at 11:28 pm

    "Wonderful, most awesome winter jacket! The length has been so nice. It is sooo lightweight, and is not bulky. It is kind of nice to wear a winter coat and not feel like a walking marshmallow for once. What is great about this coat is the inner sleeve/thumb hole feature. And gloves slide right over the inner sleeve, so there are no gaps for cold air to get up the sleeve."

  • Marcea Carey - Oct 11, 2017 at 09:21 am

    "Yes, this winter coat is everything I hoped it would be .. incredibly warm & also INCREDIBLY light. Very versatile outerwear. I'd definitely recommend it."

  • Scottie Dog - Oct 10, 2017 at 11:43 am

    "Excellent quality women's winter jacket. Love all the zipper pockets, including one inside. The wristlets are a nice touch for keeping extra warm."

1. Will this winter jacket be warm enough considering how lightweight and thin it is?

Even in a particularly rough winter, this jacket was my go-to outerwear nearly daily... and it was fantastic. You'll especially like the thumb holes which keep cuffs tucked inside your gloves. Zippered pockets will keep your phone safe. You may not want to indulge in outdoor activities like skiing or sledding, though. Also, the material is thin and might tear during rough activity.

2. Does this women's winter jacket work for extremely cold winters?

If you'd like to layer your warm clothing, get a larger size. Buyers have found it works for wind chills of -25 below. Because the coat is so light weight the layers work. The hood stays on up if your zipper is right to the top.

3. Are the sleeves also lined with Omni Heat reflective lining?

Yes they are also lined for extra warmth.

4. Is this winter jacket as warm as a good down jacket?

No, it won't be quite as warm. But if you wear a sweater also, it will keep you nice and warm. If you're outdoors in 20 degree weather, an extra layer like a polar fleece hood is advisable. A down coat often has a very warm hood, but you won't miss it once you start using this winter jacket. And your visibility is better this way.

5. Does the hood come off?

No, it is not removable.

6. How is the winter jacket insulated?

Not with down. It's insulated through a special reflective material called Omni Heat, which is said to reflect body heat and keep you warmer.