Men's Watches

Minimalist designer timepiece! The perfect gift on all occasions. Give your special man a gift that's just as special. Among men's watches the retro-design leather band quartz wristwatches remain a popular favorite.

A nice dress watch for men which keeps time accurately and comes in many models and designs to suit every taste. Durably crafted. Ideal for regular day to day use also.

Men's Watches - Leather darker than the ocean, casing as shiny and bright as a star, this minimalist piece of classic design will captivate and delight the wearer. Lovingly crafted to withstand the rigors of everyday wear and tear without losing its beauty.

Brand new design, high quality
Analog display
Available in 4 colors
Band of PU leather and alloy
Case 35.5 mm diameter, 7 mm thick
Elegant and classy
Lightweight, rugged, suited for sportswear

Ideal for every occasion, these men's watches make for the perfect gift. Buy your man a fashion statement that's also a chic bracelet.

Attractive Design: Minimalist doesn't have to mean boring or dull. One look at this timepiece will show you several points of allure and appeal. Aesthetic and at the same time functional.
Precision: Keeps time precisely and accurately thanks to the high quality quartz movement.
Durable: The stainless steel cover and casing as well as the soft leather strap lend a ruggedness to these comfortable men's watches. They'll last long and feel great.
Convenient: Easy to wear buckle models with stainless steel clasps make it easy to put on and take off these men's watches.
Waterproof: It is proof against some spraying of water or dampness, but don't go soaking it in water.

  • Woodwork & Lemonade - Oct 8, 2017 at 7:35 pm

    "For a low price you are getting a nice looking watch that can fool anyone into thinking this costs $100 or more. It has a nice 3D textured dial, and reflective silver markers and hands. But the dome glass really gives it that nice touch."

  • Ggeorgie - Oct 23, 2017 at 10:46 pm

    "Where on earth will you find a men's wrist watch that functions perfectly and is stylish for this price? I've had this now for a couple of weeks and it's handling up nicely. I've bumped it against a wall accidently and it did not scratch. It's holding up very well. I'm impressed and highly recommend this men's watch!"

  • Donald Reno - Sep 29, 2017 at 11:20 am

    "This men's watch is awesome. It isn't too big, or too small, and I have gotten compliments on it, so I hope it will last me a long time. I will have no need to test to see if its waterproof, don't wish to ruin good craftsmanship. I highly recommend it."

1. Is this men's watch loud and cheap-looking?

No, it's quite stylish and laid back. Blends with what you're wearing generally. You can even use with casual wear, with shorts and t-shirts, as well as with formal clothes. And the Roman numerals on the dial give it a nice accent.

2. How to set the time?

You'll need to be sure of pulling the dial out all the way in order to adjust time. The first notch on the dial lets you set the date. The second notch is to let you adjust the time.

3. Does this men's watch come in a box?

Yes. It's packaged nicely enough to give as a gift. It's usually wrapped in sealed plastic and a string-attached tag. In case you want to make your gift fancier, you could buy a watch box at a jewelry store or online.

4. Is the men's watch water proof?

It's water resistant, which makes it reasonably safe to use in wet or damp conditions. You can wash your hands safely while wearing it, for instance. But don't plan on soaking it in water!

5. Can the strap be detached?

Yes. You can get a watch repair toolkit which will have spring pins and tools for the job. You can replace it with another strap or adjust the length according to your needs.

6. How long will this men's watch last?

The leather strap looks strong and durable. The shiny and sleek look isn't from some cheesy coating, and so it will last for many years. The battery life varies from several months to a few years, but is easily replaced whenever necessary.