Dress to tease or please! Shapewear designed for showing off smoother curves and make you look great in dresses. Seamless shapewear camisoles, tank tops and body shaper underwear will instantly transform you into a sexy, voluptuous woman.

Corsets tighten up your waist so that your dress can be figure hugging to show off those lovely curves. Lace up corsets at the back allow adjustment to a comfortable size. You decide how much of a slimming effect you'd like. Detachable shoulder straps can be adjusted according to your choice.

Shaper Slimmer shapewear is every woman's spandex-crafted best friend! Shapewear with high waist design can reduce your waistline. Buckle up to create your slimmer, more feminine silhouette. Cotton gussets with flap hook arrangements make it easy to use the bathroom.

Body slimming shapewear and body shapers will help you achieve

* a firm, flat midriff
* visually reduced waistline
* less back bulge
* bust lift up
* more confident posture

Comes in various styles including bustless, panty and thong designs. Suitable for all-day wear. Sweat-free and comfortable. Tha hardest bit is squeezing into your shapewear. Once it's on, it'll do the job.

Comfort: Crafted lovingly with 3 layers to achieve the maximum slimming effect, shapewear made of Spandex, cotton and nylon achieves firm control while still staying comfortable, breathable and sweat-free.
Adjustable: Removable buckles, shoulder straps that can be detached and corset fasteners which can be tightened to your preference makes this shapewear uniquely customizable to your needs.
Ease of Use: Made with Cotton gussets for easy bathroom use. Features a flap with hook arrangement like a bra. Holds securely, yet can be quickly unfastened when necessary.
Seamless: No lumps, seams or creases to mar the lovely smooth curves of your figure. Open bust design makes it impossible to spot through your dress. Pair it with your favorite bra for a custom fit.
Firm Compression: Latex, Spandex and nylon fabric hold your figure firmly to shape the midsection in a voluptuous way. It tucks in your tummy and emphasizes your natural curves. A high waist design adds to the slim look.
Weight Loss: The constant compression actually aids weight loss and encourages burning fat around your midriff. Combine it with a healthy diet and workouts for outstanding results.
Post-Pregnancy: Shapewear is great for soon after pregnancy, until you regain your figure. It supports and compresses your abs to hold them in shape. A great Christmas gift idea for new moms.

  • Karrsinon - Jul 19, 2017 at 09:46 am

    "After buying and trying other shapewear - only to be disappointed - a friend reccomended this waist cincher to me, after seeing a positive change and improvements in her own confidence. After trying it while working out and just while running around doing errands/at work or home, I can honestly say it's one of the most durable, high quality, and comfortable shapewear products on the market.""

  • Kay - Oct 24, 2017 at 07:41 am

    "Got it right on time. The shapewear fits well and I'm loving it! Now I'm just looking forward to see how my body will shed pounds while wearing this waist cincher."

  • Gennygirl - Oct 12, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    "Bought this shapewear to use under my dresses on a cruise. Perfect fit. Loved the ability to use with or without straps. Worked with different style dresses. Comfortable to wear, and performed as expected."

1. Would you have to pull the whole shaper down to use the bathroom?

No. There are snaps so you don't have to remove the shapewear. All you have to do is just unsnap them.

2. Can you wear this strapless?

Yes, you could. However the straps gives you more support. If worn without the straps, you might want to add tape to help keep the shapewear in place.

3. Does the panty style shapewear show panty lines or a thigh bulge?

No. It does not. Designed to be seamless and practically invisible, it conceals all that very nicely.

4. Would this shapewear be good for the post-pregnancy period?

Yes. It's very supportive and you will like it for this reason. The large size may be better for most new moms, and it isn't uncomfortable at all.

5. Does this shapewear smooth the love handle area? And give the butt a lifted appearance?

Yes. It does smoothen the love handle areas quite effectively, and it most certainly gives the butt a lifted appearance.