Silicone Makeup Sponge

For your perfect, polished look! This multipurpose silicone makeup sponge is great for applying blusher, foundation, BB cream or makeup base. Made of silicone for a smooth application, easy cleaning and zero skin irritation. Enjoy easy, even blending while you save on cosmetic use.

If you're tired of wasting foundation and BB cream, cleaning makeup brushes, or overspending on cosmetic accessories, then get the perfect look with a silicone makeup sponge.

How to enjoy a radiant looking face with a painless application of makeup? Use a silicone makeup sponge. Gives you a streak-free foundation, BB cream or moisturising base on which to build. Apply it smoothly and in no time. Your radiant looks will attract envious glances everywhere!

The silicone makeup sponge comes with oh-so-many benefits.

* You'll look amazing
* You'll save money
* You'll get top quality
* Take it with you on trips
* Use it for multiple purposes
* Clean it quickly and easily

If you want a classy, convenient, easy to use makeup sponge, then grab yourself one of these today. No wasting cosmetics. No sticky, messy brushes. No lumpy applications. No skin irritation. The silicone makeup sponge respects your sensitive skin - and leaves you glowing and beautiful.

Usage: Top of puff is ideal for small places like the corner of your nose or eyes. Bottom of puff is best for the face and head. Press gently on the face, without moving it back and forth. Take care not to tear the outer film.
Washable: Easy to clean after use. Mildly soap the silicone makeup sponge and rinse with lukewarm water. Pat it dry before storing. Silicone is waterproof.
Save on Cosmetics: Makeup won't stick to it and go waste. You'll save 50% on use of liquid or cream products with this silicone makeup sponge.
Healthy: The clean design of a silicone makeup sponge doesn't let dirt collect. Bacteria-free.
Color Choice: The silicone makeup sponge is available in 8 bright and attractive colors.

  • Andrea Crikelair - May 24, 2017 at 09:45 am

    "This silicone makeup sponge is just as awesome as all of the reviews have claimed them to be! It works as good as the usual sponges, and the better points - it doesn't suck up any foundation and very easy to clean with water. This is a great beauty product. I will definitely be buying again."

  • Kerry D. - Sep 19, 2017 at 04:44 pm

    "Very nice product. I like this silicone makeup sponge so much. I had always used the sponge ones before, but these are much nicer. And they don't crumble and fall apart like the others."

  • Leah Williamson - Dec 23, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    "Extremely easy to clean, just wash in the sink with water and soap. I use these silicone makeup sponges every day! I was sick of the sponges that soaked up all the liquid foundation. Since using these, my bottle of foundation has lasted me longer. So happy this product exists and would recommend it to anyone that applies liquid foundation!"

1. What is the difference with silicone makeup sponges as compared to orginal sponge?

You'll save money on liquid cosmetic products like foundation and BB/CC cream because the silicone sponge won't absorb any and cause wastage. Also, it's super easy to clean.

2. Can I use a silicone makeup sponge to apply powdered mineral foundation or setting powder?

While the silicone sponge is great for liquids and creams, you'd be better off using a fluffy brush for powder based cosmetics.

3. How to clean this sponge?

Just rinse the silicone makeup sponge with soapy water once or twice, and then air dry it before storage. Because it has a non-stick nature, you won't have to rub or scrub it to get off residue.

4. What kind of skin type is best suited for a silicone sponge?

It fits all skin types. The silicone makeup sponge is non-allergenic or irritant, and is safe and non-toxic for any type of skin including very sensitive or delicate ones.

5. How long does the silicone makeup sponge last?

It seems to be quite durable and many buyers use it for a long time, maybe 3 months or more, before needing to replace it.

6. Which side is the right one for applying foundation?

Both sides are the same. You can use either side of the silicone makeup sponge with the same effect.